Playing Songs We All Know ...

Playing Songs We All Know ...

Playing Songs We All Know ...Playing Songs We All Know ...

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Trade Street Union consists of Alan Cole on keyboards, MIDI instruments, and vocals, Mike Lynn on bass and backup vocals, and featuring Danny White on guitar and vocals. Each member of Trade Street Union has been a part of the music scene in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina for decades and came together in recent years to perform tunes from the 60's, 70's 80's, and beyond while not being locked into any one genre of music. Their goal is to entertain and play something for every member of the audience, and they must be doing just that. They always draw a nice crowd. 

What Inspires?


Despite sharing many of the same interests, the band members are inspired by different things that lead them to work seamlessly in a creative setting. They take turns with song suggestions so they are all invested in their repertoire.



Their sets blend rock, acoustic melodies, and electronic enhancements to create a full sound. The band draws from songs popular in all decades and genres from the past forty odd years. There is always something for everyone.  

Fan Video, Wicked Game

Cover of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game, Stomping Grounds, Greer, SC

Fan Video, Old Time Rock & Roll

Cover of Bob Seger's Old Time Rock & Roll, Greer City Park, Greer, SC


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